Currently, SRO is working on a project involving the diffusion of water through a salt marsh. We were doing this by dealing with water moving through small squares, calculating how the flow moved through these squares. However, it was thought that water flow might be different for different shapes tiling the plane. We took the three basic plane tiling shapes, triangles, squares, and hexagons and decided that water would be moving out through all the sides at once. This caused a problem because this would allow the water to spread out of a hexagon faster than a square or triangle. Hmm, obviously something to take into account when modeling a diffusion process. One can think about how a drop of water will diffuse throughout a piece of paper or a table-top --- disclike. Nature is the ever-efficient being, using only the geodesics to traverse its wild topology.

Simple PERL program

Simple PERL program output

29th July 1998 the SRO
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