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Companies rising from the world of freeware

Company/year founded "Open-source"-based products Financial highlights
Red Hat Software/1993
Enhanced Linux operating system. Support via E-mail. $10 million in 1998 revenues (projected).
Easy-to-use versions of Sendmail, Internet message-routing software. $10 million in 1998 revenues (projected).
Modified Apache Web server software with encryption for secure Internet transactions. $12 million in 1998 revenues (projected).
Cygnus Solutions/1989
Support and consulting to users of GNU free software for programming embedded microchips. $20 million 1998 revenues.
Linux operating system, Linux support. Open-source version of DOS $12 million in 1998 revenues (projected).
Tools and services for Tcl open-source programming language to integrate disparate applications. First product ships in September.

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