September 25, 2003

Develop Fearsome Defensive Power with Catty & Co.

At the animation show last night there was a preview for Tamala 2010, "A Punk Cat in Space" - a new (?) animation out of Japan which looks genuinely weird.

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September 24, 2003

A self-perpetuating Google-flop

From Debian Weekly News - September 16th, 2003:

No Dueling Banjos from Debian. Some of the most bizarre mails on debian-devel over the years have been repeated requests by various people for the sheet music for dueling banjos. Several list subscribers have been eager to assist the posters in their search. Jim Penny called this the Dueling Banjo Effect and explained that this has become a self-perpetuating Google-flop. People use Google which points them to Debian to get this sheet music, and the act of asking reinforces Google's notion that Debian is a good place to get the music.

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