July 13, 2004

Breaking up, and breaking it all down

When you think about it
what is a relationship worth?
The tender moments - the happy moments - the bitter moments - the quiet ones. Sometimes we're full, sometimes we feel sucked dry. Inevitably we a drawn to them, whomever we are. Is it worth it? - for those who've been hurt, Whats to loose? - For those who haven't.

If you sit down with paper and a pen, are things like this quantifiable?

There is an interesting paper just published looking at relationships, sex, money and how they equate. A slew of psychological data has come out on this in the past few years. If you don't feel like braving the paper - a NYT article sums it up nicely. Anyhow, this list seemed the best place to post it.

On the side - there is a great program from This American Life talking about this - and other things - number related. (You need Real Player)

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