November 24, 2003

Our Highwater Mark?

This article from Morgan Stanley reminded me of that scene In Fear and Loathing where H.Thompson is rambling about how San Francisco was so pivotal for a time and space. And how now (well, 1970's) we're left with memories and dashed hopes about what might have happened had the waters not rolled back. Albeit global trade is nothing to get teary eyed over, but it has had a huge and profound impact on our lives - the lives of Australians, the lives of Vietnamese, Chinese, French, South African, Norwegian etc. Losing it will effect us just as much. Trade liberalization has its dark side - but development can't exist without it. And that world seems much uglier from where I sit as the divergence between those that can and those that can't only continues to increase. Anyhow, just some thoughts thrown out there for the general non-discussion.

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